Personal photography
Workshop with Trine Søndergaard

Date: 25-29 July 2016
Place: Fabrikken for Kunst & design, Copenhagen
Language: Danish & English
Price: DKK 3,800 / Euro 500

How does one create a personal photographic expression? As a participant you will come a step closer to your own unique visual imagery. In the tasks there will be a focus on play, the irrational and the random as opposed to the staged and controlled. We will work with the creation of images and develop a visual language that grows out of our individual personalities and ideas. The workshop will be a mixture of an open forum and individual dialogues. The workshop is open to all levels and the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 12.

Trine Søndergaard (b. 1972) is a photography-based visual artist. She works with a precision and sensibility that co-exist with her study of photography as a medium – and not least of its limitations. Trine Søndergaard is considered one of the most significant photography-based artists of her generation. Her works have been acquired by public museum collections including the National Museum in Norway, the Gothenburg Museum of Art in Sweden, MUSAC in Spain and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. She has been awarded the German Albert Renger-Patzsch Prize, several honorary grants and the three-year working grant of the Danish Arts Foundation. She is represented by the Martin Asbæk Gallery in Copenhagen and the Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York.
Place: Fabrikken For Kunst & Design in Copenhagen, Denmark
Language: Danish / English
Price: DKK 3,800 / Euro 500
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Statements from previous participants:

“… With great human insight, patience and teaching skills she is able to create a personal space for the individual course participants, each of whom is sent out on a self-developing, creative journey. Trine sees potentials rather than limitations and is astute in grasping and spotting moods, concepts and ideas and getting them to grow in you. She can send you far out into the deep end in purely creative terms, but gets you safely hauled ashore again, and with boxes full of examples from her own experience and her large photographic oeuvre she directly and lovingly points the way forward.” Maja Regild, 2015

“… .I needed to get some new input for my private photo projects and Trine walked me through a personal and professional journey. With her very open teaching style Trine got me to break with my normal habits and ideas of how my photographic work should be. She is a razor-sharp, kind and personal mentor. After the workshop I was left with an a-ha! experience of being able to do more than I had thought. I can absolutely recommend a workshop with Trine.” Paul Skovbakke 2015

  • Workshop with Trine Søndergaard
  • Fabrikken for Kunst & Design
    Sundholmsvej 46, DK-2300 Copenhagen
  • July 25-29, 2016

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