Trine Søndergaard is contributing to the exhibition “Reload” at Museum Kunst Der Westküste

In our accelerated, globalised world many people embark on a search for their roots. In some places – the North Frisian islands among them – the sense of knowing where you’re from goes hand in hand with the wearing of traditional costumes which used to indicate regional and social belonging.
In this context traditional costumes clearly enjoy renewed popularity – including in art and fashion design. For the exhibition of altogether eighty works by international artists we first drew upon the holdings of the museum’s own collection of West Coast art; as a result, works of artists from the eighteenth through twenty-first centuries — from Otto H. Engel and Johan Julius Exner to Mila Teshaieva and Trine Søndergaard — form the basis of the presentation. Added to these are numerous loans, including traditional costume figurines, paintings, pencil drawings, watercolours and prints from the eighteenth through twentieth century, as well as contemporary paintings, paper cuttings, linocuts, collages, photographic works and objects made of plastic materials. Last but not least, the impressive models of various fashion designers from Nico Dams to Vivienne Westwood reflect elements of traditional costumes in a variety of different ways. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in German and English.

  • Reload !
  • Museum Kunst Der Westküste
  • September 17, 2017 – January 7, 2018

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