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Back to the Future

Throughout Denmark there are landscapes lying in wait, ready to return to nature. Cultivated areas that were – maybe for centuries – burdened by farming, are to be set free to play a positive [...]

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Figures in a Landscape

How to Hunt invites us to contemplate Danish hunting scenarios. Since 2004 Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt have been joining bird and deer hunts. At first glance places where hunting occurs appear orderly, in [...]

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Monochrome Portraits

Photographic portraits are not usually monochrome. They can be in black and white or in colour. But with Trine Søndergaard’s Monochrome Portraits each portrait is focused on one single colour. The portrait and frame is a finely balanced [...]

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Portraits that Almost aren’t There

You have to make an effort walking through Trine Søndergaard’s exhibition Monochrome Portraits. Each photograph has its own muted, dark color that flows across a wooden frame hand-painted in the same shade. You have to find the [...]

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How to Hunt

Early Morning Surprise: three men crouch by an improvised wooden structure, while another, whose presence is announced only by his protruding rag- bound feet, lies close by. Three heads in profile, as they quietly [...]

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Now That You Are Mine

Now That You Are Mine is a series of photographs taken between 1997- 2000 by the Danish artist Trine Søndergaard, photographs of prostitutes on the streets where she used to live in the red-light district [...]

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The Unbearable Sharpness of Being

Welcome to Skelbækgade in the outer reaches of the Copenhagen Central Railway Station area, the notorious streetwalkers’ corner, one of the town’s cheapest. In the late hours of the afternoon, the prostitutes, most of [...]

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