Project Description

  • Stasis II
  • Trine Søndergaard
  • published by: Fabrikbooks
  • year: 2019
  • language: english
  • editor: Trine Søndergaard
  • essay by Mieke Bal
  • designed by: Rasmus Koch studio
  • format: 28,80 x 32,70 cm
  • no. of pages: 164
  • no. of illustrations: 30 + 67 plates
  • hardcover
  • no. of edition: 1000
  • ISBN: 978-87-998207-4-0
  • Exploring stillness and introspection, Stasis II brings together three series by Danish artist Trine Søndergaard (b. 1972). Different historical time periods and materials meet in Søndergaard’s photographs. By combining images of contemporary women wearing historical dresses and head covers, girls in modern garments wearing 18th century gold embroidered bonnets, and evocative interiors of uninhabited Danish manor houses, Søndergaard creates a universe, which is neither past nor present, fact nor fiction.

    This second edition features a new cover, a modified layout and three new pictures in addition to all of the photos from the first edition of the book which was awarded ”The Most Beautiful German Book” (Die schönsten deutschen Bücher) by Stiftung Buchkunst with the words: ”The paper, print quality and the impeccable bookbinding transmit the contemplative mood of the images, which captures the viewer and then leaves you alone. Condensed time. Timelessness. A magical book”.

    Stasis II by Trine Søndergaard also contains the extensive essay from the first edition by the internationally renowned cultural theorist Mieke Bal, who deals extensively with Trine Søndergaard’s work.

    The book is signed by the artist.

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