Project Description

  • One Picture Books: Strude
  • Trine Søndergaard
  • published by: Fabrik Books
  • year: 2016
  • language: English
  • ONE PICTURE BOOKS is a series of card publications wich are to be published over the next coming years. There are four doubble cards in each packet. Each card featuring one artist. The series will introduce a curated insight in Contemporary Nordic Photography, with an estimated number of 4-8 publications series a year. Published by Fabrik Books.STRUDE 2007-2010
    Through her series of hyper realistic photographic portraits, Trine Søndergaard depicts present day women and girls wearing traditional clothing from the Danish island of Fanø. Some have their faces covered by masks of woven cloth, a strude, customarily worn by women on Fanø, in the past, to protect their faces against the elements. Layered with tradition, hidden symbols and forgotten meaning, Søndergaard operates between past and present, bringing attention to a long forgotten part of Nordic cultural history as well as contemporary political debates on the public appearances and rights of women.
  • designed by: Rasmus Koch Studio
  • format: 21 x 14,8 cm
  • no. of illustrations: set of 4 double cards
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