Trine Søndergaard recieved the honorary grant from Ole Haslund’s Artist Grant  in December 2017

“When looking at the works of Trine Søndergaard, you get the impression that they are very classic in their appearence, with motives such as portraits, interior and landscapes. You see different touchpoints with the painting before modernism occurred and seriously sabotaged or rather shifted the representativeness value of the image. But in Trine Søndergaard’s photographs you can still find this value, which the painting lost and at the same time experience what the painting was never truly able to- directly mirroring reality. Despite the fact that a lot of her photographs are somewhat staged, there is a clear realism in her world of imagery. (…)
Trine Søndergaard is one of the most defining art photographers in the country, who convincingly creates imagery that sticks to your awareness long after you’ve laid eyes on it.”

  • Ole Haslund’s Artist Grant
  • December 7, 2017

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