Large-scale, expressive paintings, silent and empathic photographs, playful and minimalistic sculptures, geometric and colourful textile art, sensuous video installations, human bodies in bronze and clay and monumental, sculptural brush strokes on walls. This is just a taste of what awaits the viewer when GRØNNINGEN occupies all three floors at GL STRAND in February 2019. Anette Harboe Flensburg, Leonard Forslund, Erik A. Frandsen, Anita Jørgensen, Eske Kath, Eva Koch, Allan Otte, Trine Søndergaard, Malene Landgreen, Peter Bonnén and Michael Mørk are just some of the 40 artists who will exhibit new works in a free and spontaneous setup. The exhibition thus provides a broad and up-to-date view of Danish contemporary art.

Over the years the artists’ association Grønningen has offered a diverse presentation of current Danish contemporary art across generations and styles. Diversity also characterises the association’s exhibition at GL STRAND, where each artist has been provided with an individual spot for showing a segment of his or her current work. There is thus enough to work with in the exhibition, where the exhibited pieces interact with each other and emphasise the dialogues found in contemporary art across genres, media and expressions.

This is the first time ever that GL STRAND can present an exhibition by the artists’ association Grønningen, which was established in 1915 as an offshoot of the first artists’ association Den Frie (The Independent). Over the years GL STRAND has worked closely together with many of the artists represented in the association. As early as 1913, with its break with Den Frie on the way, five of the founding members of Grønningen held an exhibition at GL STRAND, a portent for new times and new art. Also worth highlighting is the first female member of Grønningen, which became part of the artists’ association in 1933, namely sculptress Astrid Noack, who exhibited at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND in 1955. In modern times several of the association’s current members have exhibited at or decorated GL STRAND. Erik A.

Frandsen’s and Eva Steen Christensen’s permanent decorations can be experienced in SALEN and by the gate entrance to GL STRAND at 15 Læderstræde, respectively. GL STRAND has a long-standing tradition for presenting a broad segment of Danish contemporary art in group presentations, e.g. the series of exhibitions EXIT and EXTRACT. With the exhibition Grønningen, we take on one of the most significant and oldest artists’ associations in the country – and provide a unique setting for their work. The exhibition is a great opportunity to learn what a series of Denmark’s interesting artists are working on right now’,says Helle Behrndt, Director of Kunstforeningen GL STRAND.

Participating artists:

Morten Buch, Erik A. Frandsen, Eske Kath, Karin Lorentzen, Stig Brøgger, Anita Jørgensen, Søren Martinsen, Leonard Forslund, Mads Gamdrup, Astrid Kruse Jensen, Nicolai Howalt, Hjördis Haack, Viera Collaro, Eva Steen Christensen, Trine Søndergaard, Kirsten Justesen, Kristofer Hultenberg, Troels Wörsel, Lone Høyer Hansen, Allan Otte, Seppo Mattinen, Anette Harboe Flensburg, Carl Magnus, Michael Mørk, Ronald Burns, Lise Malinovsky, Hans Pauli Olsen, Peter Bonnén, Bjørn Poulsen, Eva Koch, Jette Thyssen, Ole Sporring, Merete Barker, Ib Monrad Hansen, Arne Haugen Sørensen, Poul Agger, Peter Brandes, Malene Landgreen, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen and Ruth Campau.

  • Grønningen / GL Strand
  • GL.Strand
    Gl.Strand 48
  • February 2 – April 6 2019

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