Trine Søndergaard’s newest Exhibition Vakuum at Brandts

“Everyone carries an empty space inside,” writer Franz Kafka wrote in his diary. We all carry something invisible that no one else fully understands. Emphasising a private space is a typical practice of Trine Søndergaard. She is one of the most influential Danish art photographers. Internationally acclaimed for her silent, yet powerful imagery. Vakuum presents selected works from the period 2009–2016. Portraits, interiors and landscapes interspersed. They encompass themes such as existence, grief, history and human life. Vakuum means ‘empty’ and can refer to the transition between two phases of life, where apparently nothing is happening. An inscrutable state. In several series of works, Trine Søndergaard depicts historical items of clothing like props in the portraits. One such item is a ‘jøp’, part of the mourning dress of Amager women. It points darkly to our contemporary lack of a visual language of grief. Vakuum allows inner and outer empty spaces to reflect each other. The artist attempts to depict states that are difficult to portray.

  • Vakuum
  • Brandts 13
    5000 Odense
  • January 19 – May 14, 2017

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