BILLBOARD FESTIVAL ISTANBUL brings non-commercial imagery to the cityscape of billboards– raising awareness and encouraging public debates on gender issues, as well as bringing contemporary art to a wider audience of all genders and ages. The project provides a more prominent, public site for very different stories and images than the advertising that dominates the streets of many cities worldwide.

The idea of the project is to build bridges between cultures and challenges our ideas about urban space, gender and identity through artistic interventions and new kinds of images by and of women.

BILLBOARD FESTIVAL ISTANBUL is the idea and concept of the Danish visual artist Hanne Lise Thomsen. In 2015 she curated BILLBOARD FESTIVAL CASALBANCA, 2012 Thomsen the billboard-project WE ARE FROM HERE in Ramallah, and in 2003 the citywide billboard project in Copenhagen and Malmo.

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Trine Søndergaard is participating in the festival with Strude #1, 2007.

  • Billboard Festival Istanbul
  • Istanbul
  • October 5 – 18, 2020

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