Art & Diplomacy Cross-pollinate at the Residence of Denmark in New York

The New Carlsberg Foundation has donated 30 works of art by 15 leading contemporary Danish artists to adorn the official Residence of Denmark in New York. This specially curated permanent exhibition is impressive in both scope and vision, while challenging and enriching the “stage of Diplomacy”.

Under the heading of Art at the Residence, 30 works of art have been carefully selected and installed at the Danish Consul General’s official Residence in East Penthouse of the New York By Gehry Building in Lower Manhattan. With its spectacular view across Manhattan Bay and Brooklyn, the Residence is the setting for many important, official events. Each year, the Consul General invites high-level guests, from a range of industries, organizations, and official offices to the Residence to help build bridges and partnerships between Denmark and the United States and to connect with the wider global community. At the Residence, big questions that are priorities for Denmark are being debated, including climate change, the energy and digital transitions, and the future of democracy.

Among art’s many qualities is the unique ability to cast new light on reality, to inspire and initiate dialogue across different visions and viewpoints. Thus, “the art will function as conversation pieces, which are actively presented as part of the programs, speeches and discussions that take place here,” says Ambassador Berit Basse, Consul General of Denmark in New York about Art at the Residence.

A Bold Selection of Contemporary Danish Art for a Global Context

The New Carlsberg Foundation, has selected and donated the 30 works of art that comprise Art in the Residence. The artworks represent a wide and varied selection of emerging and well-established names from the contemporary art scenes in both Denmark and abroad. The artworks have been acquired by the foundation from 12 different galleries to ensure diversity in the overall expression of the curatorial vision, which notably brings together multiple different media, ranging from painting, sculpture and ceramics to textile and light installations.

Participating artist:
Anna Sørensen, Astrid Krogh, Eske Kath, Gudrun Hasle, Hannah Toticki, Jeppe Hein, John Kørner, Julie Edel Hardenberg, Klara Lilja, Nanna Debois Buhl, Rasmus Myrup, Rose Eken, Superflex, Trine Søndergaard and Tue Greenfort.

Trine Søndergaard is represented with 3 works from her series Hovedtøj:

Trine Søndergaard, Hovedtøj #22, 2020

  • Art at the Residence
  • Consulate General of Denmark
  • New York
  • December 9, 2022 –

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