N+T #41 N+T #37 N+T #4 N+T #3 N+T #45
© Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt
year: 2000
edition 5: 50 x 60 cm
analogue c-print on dipond
Our first collaborative exhibition N+T is a series of photographic images that we have made since we met in 1998. During the first years of our relationship we photographed each other and our life together. Both working in the field of art & photography, N+T was a natural project for us to do and a way to learn more about each other and explore the photographic media. We made images of everything that dealth with our life together; the images represent life as we feelt and experienced it. We aimed to work without censorship and we made images of situations, details and moments that are not normally photographed or represented in a family album. All images were made with small amateur cameras and colour film. This contributed to an easy and quick way of working.
-Nicolai Howalt & Trine Søndergaard, 2000