In My Fathers House there are many rooms
@ Trine Søndergaard
year: 2017
edition 5: 110 x 110 cm / 60 x 60 cm
archival pigment print on dipond
In my fathers house there are many rooms - is Trine Søndergaard's contribution to the exhibition TESER. The exhibition consists of 25 prominent Danish artists, invited to reflect upon the Protestant Reformation and what it means. The artists have channelled their thoughts and impressions into various pictorial art forms such as paintings, sculptures, art installations, photography and graphical designs especially produced for this exhibition. The exhibition marks the 500th anniversary of the onset of the Protestant Reformation.

Lise Blomberg Andersen, Martin Erik Andersen, Bank & Rau, Kaspar Bonnén, Peter Brandes, Peter Linde Busk, Peter Callesen, Viera Collaro, Maja Lisa Engelhardt, Anette Harboe Flensburg, Leonard Forslund, Erik A. Frandsen, Ib Monrad Hansen, Lise Harlev, Hein Heinsen, Sophia Kalkau, Janne Klerk, Christian Lemmerz, Karin Lorentzen, Ulrik Møller, Kirstine Roepstorff, Trine Søndergaard, Alexander Tovborg, Laila Westergaard and Ebbe Stub Wittrup.

Rundetaarn, Copenhagen: 11/3 – 14/5 2017
Ribe Kunstmuseum, Ribe: 27/5 – 27/8 2017
Fuglsang Kunstmuseum, Toreby: 8/9 2017 – 7/1 2018
Museet for Religiøs Kunst, Lemvig: 20/1 – 29/4 2018
Stiftung Christliche Kunst, Wittenberg: 25/5 – 2/9 2018