A Room Inside
@ Trine Søndergaard
year: 2015
edition 3: 150 x 150 cm / edition 5: 110 x 110 cm / 60 x 60 cm
archival pigment print on dipond
“Everyone carries a room inside,” Franz Kafka writes in his diary. This room is a mental space, a private space that contains what cannot be shared, can hardly be thought, articulated, shown or uttered word for word. It is this space that the title of Trine Søndergaard’s solo exhibition, A Room Inside, revolves around.

The exhibition A Room Inside at Martin Asbæk Gallery follows several photographic and thematic paths that intersect and engage in dialogue with one another. Faces disappear in blank reflections: together, ground surfaces, people veiled in antique lace and photographic objects visualize a field between invisibility and visibility and explore thoughts about the phases of life, identity and self image.

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