Denmark In Transition at Herning Museum of Contemporary Art

For Denmark in Transition Trine Søndergaard has photographed nature rehabilitation projects throughout Denmark. All of them are funded by the state and can thus be seen to represent the ‘official’ view of nature. Her images also portray some of the paradoxes of these efforts: that some life forms have to be sacrificed so others can thrive. Among Søndergaard’s subjects is the West Forest. Since 1967, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency has been buying areas west of Copenhagen – former farms and nurseries – to plant forests. One of the images shows a derelict building. The roof is overgrown and virtually merges with its green surroundings. In their own quiet way, these images depict the changes in the landscape revealed by small details. They also show nature being helped on its way. But still a nature that can only grow at the mercy of culture. (excerpt from the text ‘Back to the Future’ by Gitte Broeng)

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Places, Denmark in Transition
2 April - 28 August 2011
HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark

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