Trine Søndergaard participating in the exhibition GRØNNINGEN PÅ DOCKEN

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition GRØNNINGEN PÅ DOCKEN, September 18, 2 pm at Docken, Færgehavnsvej 35, Copenhagen.


A very special phenomenon in Danish art life is the so called “Kunstnersammenslutninger”, artists’ cooperatives. These groups share economy and exhibition places, and because of their size, they can afford special efforts and arrangements. Grønningen is one of the oldest and the most outstanding of these groups. There are 54 members. Grønningen was founded in 1915.

It appeared from the beginning to be the new sanctuary for radical and experimental art. Their first exhibition was held at “Grønningen”, a street in Copenhagen, in the so called “Indian’s’ Cabin”. For many years Grønningen has arranged its yearly exhibition at Charlottenborg. Charlottenborg is an exhibit hall in the centre of Copenhagen and is one of the finest exhibition places in Scandinavia.

Every year Grønningen invites a couple of artists to exhibit, usually including one of international renown. We specifically look for an artist whose work has yet to be fully presented in Denmark.

Next to The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the yearly three week Grønningen exhibition normally attracts the highest number of visitors in Denmark. Over the years Grønningen has exhibited foreign artists such as Arp, Herbin, Soto, Vasarely, Sonia Delauney, Acam, César, Soulage, Dewasne, Baselitz, Immendorff, Tony Cragg, Rainer Fetting, Jury Georg Dokupil. Johann Lorbeer, Yannis Kounellis and Anish Kapoor

Grønningen’s openings have for generations been described as an extraordinary event in Copenhagen, with the gallery crowded to the bursting point. Public interest tells us how important this exhibition is to the Copenhagen art world. Combining the varied artists of Grønningen with guest artists, Grønningen spotlights leading artists of today.

Grønningen på Docken
18 September - 10 October 2010
Docken, Nordhavn, Copenhagen

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